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Look up frame:SetTexture() on wowprogramming for more information. And now EventHorizon will have a width of 200 rather than 375. Usage: config.stackFont = "FontPath" (see note 6) * Config: config.stackFontColor will change the color of the stack indicators. I will attempt to let you still use your old configuration options for the new version, but I can't promise you that it will work If you have a bug to

If true then a recast line will appear at the end of the debuff/playerbuff indicating that the player should aim to have the cast finish within this area. recast: true or false/nil. If true then the cooldown will use the height settings provided inside config.lua represented by smallCooldown rather than cooldown. breakingsong demonstrated EH on a Destro Warlock.

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EH will use the longest CD of the provided spells. For example if you wanted to change the width of the addon you would change line 33 which normally reads (by default) Code: config.width = 375 -- Width of a single If true then EH will not change the icon from the icon that's first shown on login regardless of what's cast. If barcolor is set and this is not, unique spells will show with barcolor's setting instead.

You can only upload videos smaller than 600 MB. Best practice would be to have open config.lua and myconfig.lua at the same time. Example(s): Code: self:newSpell({ cooldown = 1543, smallCooldown = true, requiredGlyph = 12456, }) EH will show a small cooldown of the spell with spellID 1543 if they have the glyph with How do I print something when a player uses an item in python?

If you wish to enable them again, edit the line in EventHorizon.lua that reads local spellIDsEnabled = false to local spellIDsEnabled = true *Class Configurations: - Paladin: - - Prot: - If you want it back delete the line it says to delete to get it back - Fixed error with Shadowflame debuff dot. TeamViewer - Free Remote Control, Remote Access & Online Meetings Once done downloading, PM me the ID and password, thanks! https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20140517092509AAf77aB Can use a spellID, itemID, or texture path.

I probably missed quite a few changes on this log. Stay tuned for the next betas. * Core: A few API changes for external config support have been made, nothing affecting normal usage. * Warlock: Corruption's amount of expected ticks has Home Categories FAQ/Guidelines Terms of Service Privacy Policy Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled Infinity Horizon Log In Installing Lua error! In the past this has taken me upwards of 80 hours, and I don't have the will anymore. - If your class/spec has not yet been implemented, please give me a

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Default = true (0). * Config: The end-of-cast line now has an entry in the color table (c.castLine) and is now the same color as the cast bar by default. * try here Let me know if you have a trinket that you would like added to the list. (3): I know this question will come up - TRINKETS.LUA IS NOT AND WILL NEVER Horizon Mb Also, an extra flag has been added for bar icons. - bartexture: Sets a custom texture for this bar. Code: self:newspell({ cooldown = 1543, smallCooldown = true, stance = {0, 1, 4}, }) EH will show a small cooldown of the spell with spellID 1543 if the player is in

Closed. If there's no spellconfigs a helpful message is displayed to the user outlining why. Wenn du auf unsere Webseite klickst oder hier navigierst, stimmst du der Erfassung von Informationen durch Cookies auf und au├čerhalb von Facebook zu. self:newSpell() is a function which takes in a table of bar configuration options.

Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:55:21 2016 -0700 Fixed ele shaman config apocalypse Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:54:51 2016 -0700 Added Sub Rogue Config kindly provided by Neloangelo13! Thanks for the reminder, Everdreamer. * Addenum: EventHorizon now handles the initialization for EventHorizon_Vitals, if loaded. Expand» Details Details Existing questions More Tell us some more Upload in progress Upload failed. v1.9 r249: I lied.

I hope this has made it easier for you to understand how to configure EventHorizon to suit your individual needs! The numbers are turned such that it'll appear that EH grows up to 4 bars, and then begins to shrink each bar to stay within the static-height. The new class config system has been delayed for now. * Core: Talent/glyph checks are now throttled and delayed using the same method as gear checks. * Core: The recast bar

It may be a little hard to see at first, but will light up as soon as you mouse over it. * You can show/hide EventHorizon manually by using /eventhorizon or

If an icon is wider than it is tall, the full width is always shown. Don't worry, it's easier than it may seem. Usage: config.stackFontSize = (default = 12, no effect if stackFont is not used) - config.stackFontOutline adds an outline or other effect to the font. EventHorizon_Redshift has a similar configuration to EventHorizon itself, though is much simpler in nature.

Bars are now able to track multiple casts, and can track both casts and channels on the same bar. The stances start at 0 for no stance, and then as you go right on the stance bar (default UI) the next stance is 1, then 2 and so on. Revive used as haste comparison. - Feral/Cat: Bars reorganized to better reflect priorities. - Feral/Bear: Added Swipe CD to Pulverize. This file contains every setting available for EH and is heavily commented to help tweak things to your liking.

I just can't proactively do this anymore. - I love each and every one of you. (I love you more if you give me a class/spec config too! ^.^) v1.9.8 *Class Also, EventHorizon is now on github: https://github.com/Brusalk/EventHorizon_Continued -- You can find the latest changes there, but releases will still be released here and on Curse. -Brusalk (Blackrock-US) EventHorizon is now updated The settings where classes/specs bars are located are in config.lua in the folder for your class. (Example: EventHorizon_Monk) For examples I'll use the priest configuration. This won't take effect until your next login or reloadui. - NOTE: EH's savedvariables will be reset with this release, to ensure compatibility with older versions. - NOTE: If you're an

Max size of a disk (in bytes) to use on file system? As such best practice is to alter any values you wish to change in config.lua by changing the values inside myconfig.lua. The curse bar now tracks Curse of Doom's cooldown. * Warrior: Taste for Blood now properly displays its internal cooldown (see above). EH will show the longest cooldown of the provided spellID(s) Example(s): Code: self:newSpell({ cooldown = 1543, }) EH will show the cooldown of spell with spellID 1543, Code: self:newSpell({ cooldown =

Note: Let's say a bar is tracking a proc and two spells with differing cast times, with the recast flag on. can someone please upload the latest version.Im Using Windows 8.1 Pro Try downloading the latest version here: Horizon Home Categories FAQ/Guidelines Terms of Service Privacy Policy Powered by Discourse, best Otherwise, don't worry about it. * Class changes: Lots. This was a little tougher to fix than it sounds, let me know of any issues. (I tried to test as thoroughly as possible). (D): The PLAYER_EQUIPMENT_CHANGED function that is used

You can always skip this file when overwriting, but it's better to use myconfig.lua as it's intended to avoid this problem. I also noticed if I close the setup it will stay running in task manager. Example: 'config.castLine = 1.5' will produce the old behavior. If that's changed, Redshift will default to whatever the new setting is.

Release notes: v1.9 r274: Minor fixes. * Trinkets work at login now. v1.9.4-3: *Class Configurations: - Hunter: Updated for MoP - Druid: Updated for MoP. v1.9.5-Beta-3 *Core: - Fixed GetTalentInfo and GetSpecialization bug causing talents and abilities to display incorrectly. - - GetSpecialization was functioning incorrectly for requiredTree = {0, ...} class configs. v1.9 r241: EventHorizon is officially feature-frozen barring the discovery of major bugs.

The default behavior of the healing bars has received some love.