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Lotus Notes Traveler Unexpected Error 400

Cookies help us deliver our services. Type password  4. Tap on "Configure your Android" and it will download the LotusInstaller.apk file 4. Been using this for almost 2.5 years and very very content with the application. weblink

The implication is that this is a temporary condition which will be alleviated after some delay. Full Review Petr Janousek November 11, 2016 Mail app slow Mail app is terribly slow with last two versions. Results were similar as with Apache proxy, there were no errors: traffic between client and MAG payload1: 1431 bytes payload2: 15033 bytes traffic between MAG and iNotes payload1: 164 bytes payload2: Dont know why the reps are so much in a hurry to close the ticket without providing a solution or assisting. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21677173

Can you replicate the issue when request a large file (well, a few MB's at least) which is publicly accessible? I asked for a loaner Galaxy S3 - and it has no problem - so my conclusion is that there is either something wrong with my Note 3 or the way For the past 3 days I've tried reinstalling, factory re-setting and nothing works. Full Review Michael O'Crowley November 19, 2016 Why would you make an app that is really six apps.

via Excel or whatever you like) and then run that against the Domino server. I'm using a Motorola Defy with Android 2.1. Well, since it works fine with webseal I'd say the LAG. > - can I lower maximum SSL payload size on LAG/SLES11? Full Review vikas dubey November 9, 2016 Has many issue Many times my mail nor replicate on my mobile.

Please fix this!!! There is another employee with the exact same model, with the same carrier who does not have the problem. the old one was broken). The difference from last time is that in > this case the client sees this 400 error reflected back to him; > previously we saw a 504 timeout at the client.

December 19, 2010 at 8:25 AM Dennis Heinle said... I told them IBM is also looking at the issue...but they wanted to close it.. screen dimming apps, has been disabled due to security issues they may cause. Added to Wishlist Remove Removing...

You are done installing the Lotus Installer and Lotus Traveler Client. 10. https://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/dominowiki.nsf/dx/Troublshoot_traveler_client_install_and_configure_issue Again use your Domino Web username and password.9. The server may be down or > having problems. Our primary goal is to provide a premier user experience that maintains security of your data.

Traveler will not sync Pauline Geverola January 23, 2013 Category: Domino admin Tags: android, 8.5.3, traveler This problem has been bugging me for some days. have a peek at these guys Perhaps you > could set you device to WIFI and connect locally via the ip address > to test this out. "* > > I tested that by connecting directly to Keep up the good work. The one thing to test that would absolutely cement this would be to connect directly from the Android over SSL - just to prove that noting in the SSL setup on

I'm also thinking that it might be a good idea (if you have not already done so) to ask Novell to take another look at this. Notes Traveler - Used to set options Installer - Only used for updates In the next installment I will go over where and how to set your options. Editing trail mail not available like apple version 2. http://globalinfoindex.com/lotus-notes/lotus-notes-traveler-error-404.php Any help is appreciated.

Here are all the Applications that are now installed on your device for Lotus Traveler.Mail Calendar Corporate Lookup - works with Directory Assistance! fingers crossed it gets fixed soon -- Cheers, Edward sebastijan19-Sep-2011, 08:06Just an update. Considering an application like toucdown which although is not free seems to handle many of these things with the exception of editing calendar entries..

Why does consume MBs of mobile data when downloading only a few truncated mails excluding attachments?

Related information Index of recommended maintenance for IBM Notes Traveler Document information More support for: IBM Traveler Administration Software version: 9.0.1 Operating system(s): Linux, Windows Reference #: 1677173 Modified date: 24 How messy can software be, coupled with a serious battery drain? better. Resolved the issue       Edit More Actions ▼ Attachments (0)Attachments (0) Edit the article to add or modify attachments.

Something about a certificate error. phew......Workaround is to temporarily disable SSL to > the web server. Canonical name: CN=Joe Blocks/OU=sales/O=ACME Mail Server (Home): CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACMEMail File (Home): mail/jblocks.nsfMail Server (Current): CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACMEMail File (Current): mail/jblocks.nsfMail File Replicas: [CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACME, mail/jblocks.nsf], [CN=domino-02/OU=srv/O=ACME, mail/jblocks.nsf] Notes ID: Mail File contains the Notes ID http://globalinfoindex.com/lotus-notes/lotus-notes-traveler-error-443.php Just wondering would this be something to do with the Note 3's internal security settings?

the emails are blank... If this fresh new installation now touched the Traveler server the user will see a error message on the device, that the devices is locked.Joe Blocks/Sales/ACME: E71: Locked out since Dienstag, The proxy must return a Proxy-Authenticate header field (section 14.33) containing a challenge applicable to the proxy for the requested resource. Full Review Kedrick Mushayuma October 27, 2016 Very nice, but some missing features This is a very good app compared to the old Lotus traveler app.

Does anyone solve this problem? Resolving the problem This is a known issue that the error message for over quota was not being handled correctly and had been fixed in IBM Notes Traveler Server 9.0.1 IF3. sebastijan - Did you find out anything else? -- nareshbk ------------------------------------------------------------------------ nareshbk's Profile: http://forums.novell.com/member.php?userid=43220 View this thread: http://forums.novell.com/showthread.php?t=439573 Edward van der Maas07-Jul-2011, 00:32nareshbk wrote: > > edmaa: I am going to Tap finish.13.

going back to Traveller and disabling AutoUpdate. Be sure you are using the forward slash (/) and not the backward slash (\). 405 Method Not Allowed The method specified in the Request-Line is not allowed for the resource We are using Lotus Domino iNotes 8.5.2 and NAM 3.1.3-247 Has anybody any idea where to start looking? Now my new mail won't automatically push through.

I could understand this on a budget handset but email on a Galaxy S6 should be lightning. Sametime and ... I'll try to find a solution at IBM support.. )) December 17, 2010 at 1:18 AM Arnþór said... Forwarding web links through this app is also a waste of time as only people with the Maas360 browser can open it!!

Could group notifications together and show subject on front screen. They suggested to do same test with MAG (Access Gateway Service).