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The translation for "United States" is misspelled in the French language DDO Store. Austin Theo Judd · 29 November 2012 - 00:54 1 · ddo.com is down and I can't connect to the game with my client. Minimizing the game launcher and bringing back into focus while patching may cause errors to display. been that order for 7 yrs now... his comment is here

Acid Rain's description incorrectly states that the spell lasts for 9 seconds, when the spell actually lasts for 8 seconds. This year, the museum inducted three new toys: Dungeons & Dragons, Fisher-Price’s Little...http://www.theverge.com/2016/11/12/13608202/dungeo...|Von Andrew LiptakDungeons & Dragons Online19. Its Turbines job to upload the new client to steam for distribution, but I guess they don't care abut the business they're losing.The only way to be able to play at I've been following this article, trying to understand directives in AngularJS.

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Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text. (February 2016) Below is a copy of the Official known issues from the official The service may be down for maintenance.*Please try again later. The Stalwart Defender Hit Point bonus is described as a negative level penalty when mousing-over the hit point total in a Character Sheet.

Items Airship beacons cannot be used in Delver's Canteen. To see and be able to purchase these items, turn off filtering. but thanks for the heads up got tired of checking Frank Black · 17 November 2013 - 22:11 1 United States · Buckeye Cablevision yea was a called in skeleton crew Especially if they go on sale and the player knows their subscription will run out soon.

Pando is the service that provides the upload and download of the files. Asherons Call The game client file ("lotroclient.exe"/"dndclient.exe") was not found. Warforged are missing their death animations. http://support.turbine.com/link/portal/24001/24047/ArticleFolder/629/Launcher-Errors Cosmetic Spiral Armor has a seam on dwarf females.

If you are still receiving this error message: We have had several players reporting this error that did have a pre-existing hosts file work around in their files. The Spellcaster button in the Character Creation screen is truncated. Hirelings When reporting issues with a Hireling, be sure to include the name of which Hireling you were using. November um 09:35 · Big bonus weekend! +10% Heroic/Epic XP, +10% VIP XP, and +5 Treasure Hunter's Boost through Sunday! #DDODungeons & Dragons Online18.

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ATI Radeon 7500 You may experience performance texture problems in certain areas of the game. http://www.spellswords.com/forums/topic-tag/ddo-login-error/ LoTRO will run just find, so most likely it is on Turbine/DDO's end. Ddo Download Eric Grape · 21 November 2013 - 16:13 1 United States · Time Warner Cable can login, says cannith is up, get to character screen, but can't connect to server... Ddo Forums November um 12:52 · Ichiban Baggins picnics with her faithful companion in our 296th DDO Screenshot of the Week! #DDODungeons & Dragons Online20.

Their actual effects have been unchanged from pre-Update 5 form. http://globalinfoindex.com/login-error/login-error-577.php Retired Guild Leader: Heroes Of The Hinfolk. maybe we have to wait till the cable guy turned on the second one Mike Hicks · 2 September 2013 - 07:59 0 United States · CenturyLink Glad I didnt do This refers to the fact some only do +50% dmg, when they should be increasing it by +75%. Dungeons And Dragons Online

Shoot mail to Fortunatus. Quest: In the Flesh Some lines of DM text do not appear during the boss battle. Now - Nov. 28th https://www.ddo.com/en/store #DDODDO Store Sales: November 24th - December 1st https://www.ddo.com/en/storeDungeons & Dragons Online25. weblink The resurrection shrine does appear.

I know we all need our DDO fix... Tear of Dhakaan This quest is listed in the adventure compendium as being in Kundarak, but the quest will actually be found in Phiarlan! The tooltip for Equipment Disjunction simply states "item." It is possible to apply Incite +20% to a bow, which increases threat generation to main or offhand melee attacks.

Half-elf facial hair options should be on a different slider than facial detail options.

Torches can get stuck in walls, causing kobold pathing problems. Double Bonus Points, 50% off Shadowfell Legendary Upgrade, Traveler's Trunk, and more! Kathy Lancaster · 2 September 2013 - 05:09 0 United States · Charter Communications DDO is down because they lost there server again ! When/if the others will be fixed is unknown.

Good luck to you all on your attempts. In character creation, changing a half-orc's skin color only changes the color of the face and not the body. The requisition item prices have been temporarily lowered in the DDO Store. check over here Then came across this site afterwards..

Is using "you" to refer to anyone, not the person you're talking to, a known, specific grammar form? Hard and Elite difficulty unlocks are not filtered out of the DDO Store for VIP players. Quest: Siegebreaker Hirelings can't follow you to the final boss fight. The DDO Store's automatic filtering does not recognize feats or enhancements that allow you to overcome prerequisites for some items.

I however had last played DDO in september of last year (we switch MMOs regularly to avoid getting burned out), and because of that I experienced the same issue that many I even did a repair install on the game itself thinking it was problematic. Anthony Edwards · 17 November 2013 - 15:41 0 United States · AT&T Internet Services Some of us don't want to be the rampant complainers, Jerry, you know, the kind that Striking Dragons · 19 May 2013 - 12:27 0 · Server is down yet again just minutes ago, for no reason at all.

On lower resolution screens, tooltips may not appear properly. NEW: - The search bar extends past the bag UI. However, if players select one of the difficulty boxes, the quests all appear to be deselected. November um 10:25 · Black Friday Specials!

Michael Rendon · 2 September 2013 - 07:30 0 United States · AT&T U-verse Stuck at "Installing Pre-Reqs" launcher screen since game crashed over 24 hours ago... DDO Store Inflict Wounds potions do not state that they are in the Healing section of the store to assist Pale Masters. Replace "[filename]" with an easy to remember name for that layout. Ensure that your shortcuts are pointed to "turbinelauncher.exe" instead.

EDIT Seems this is a bug in Angular, here's the issue to match javascript angularjs angularjs-directive require share|improve this question edited Feb 26 '15 at 19:15 asked Feb 25 '15 at Keep getting the "Installing Pre-Reqs" message. errr sumpthin' ... Click on OK to terminate the application.DDO The configuration file is empty or missing.

Can't Access Dungeons & Dragons Online - Troubleshooting Instructions If the site is UP but you cant access the page, try one of the below solutions: Browser Related Problems Force a Chris Alavoine · 1 September 2013 - 22:29 0 United Kingdom · BT If you check the twitter feeds for DDO and LOTRO, looks like they are having similar issues so What "actually" happens at T-minus-0 Is it legal to use Raspberry Pi to develop a product and sell it?