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Log Parser Error No Valid Like Mask

After export it still contains the 7 decimals timestamp. Magento E-Commerce How to Make Price of Configurable Product Change When Attribute Combination is Selected Video by: MagicienPro You have products, that come in variants and want to set different prices Leave a comment on this query. keyboard which is what it seems to require. navigate here

Leave a comment on this query. It is really what i need. prasanna says: September 10, 2015 at 4:29 am I need a help, I am Beginner of sql and also powersheel. Reply Pingback: Using LogParser 2.2 to traverse huge files « HKAL Steve says: August 30, 2014 at 1:48 am Hi i want to get list of unique user name per month

very informative site for log parser. Cannot get it to work not with TO_TIMESTAMP() nor with TIMESTAMP(). Keywords: iisw3c Statement: logparser -i:w3c -o:csv "SELECT TO_DATE(TO_LOCALTIME(TO_TIMESTAMP(date, time))) AS [LocalDate], SUM(cs-bytes) AS [Bytes received], DIV(SUM(cs-bytes), 1024) AS [KBytes received], DIV(DIV(SUM(cs-bytes), 1024), 1024) AS [MBytes received], SUM(sc-bytes) AS [Bytes sent], DIV(SUM(sc-bytes),

All hits on a page, written to a CVS file. Hope that makes sense. Reply ganaysa says: September 11, 2014 at 7:13 am wow ! this is weird.

Users logged into IIS 6 FTP site Parses IIS 6 FTP logs for user accounts who have successfully logged in, and returns the IP(s) used and the number of times they The power of logparser is unbelievable. erik April 30, 2013 Tom which script did you try and run? According to the help file, the only format is CASE argument WHEN testValue1 THEN replaceValue1 [ WHEN testValue2 THEN replaceValue2 ...]

IP addresses successfully logging into IIS 6 FTP site This query will tell you what ip addresses successfully logged into your FTP site. Keywords: iisw3c Statement: logparser -rtp:-1 -o:w3c "SELECT cs-uri-query, COUNT(*) AS [Requests], c-ip INTO QueryParams-1a.log FROM ex0910*.log WHERE cs-uri-query IS NOT null GROUP BY cs-uri-query, c-ip ORDER BY cs-uri-query" Notes: See also I appreciate your time. I have not used PowerShell myself, so I cannot help you to evaluate the script that you linked to.

Reply Pingback: LogParser examples « RaSor's Tech Blog Sinead says: June 20, 2012 at 10:38 am thanks for this..it works brilliant. Run another query against the logs to determine what files were requested by questionable IP addresses. Log Parser is recognizing those datetime values as Real values instead of DateTime, and it automatically rounds Real values to six significant digits. I just save your sample log and save it as .log text file.

LogParser is a tool for analyzing the contents of log files, not for querying the metadata about such files. check over here I have tried some combinations but the syntax fails. I have done enough batch programming to have realized that the percent sign denotes an environment variable, but because I was not using the percent to work with variables, I did E.g. %/abc/page.html% Cheers, Bernard Cheah Reply cstobbe 70 Posts Re: LIKE with wildcard not finding match Dec 20, 2010 11:02 AM|cstobbe|LINK Actually, what I really want is to find all rows

I'll add that this is an IIS/Windows setting (and limitation), not one from Exchange. Edited by Will Martin, PFE Tuesday, April 07, 2015 7:21 PM Proposed as answer by Lynn-LiMicrosoft contingent staff, Moderator Thursday, April 09, 2015 8:41 AM Marked as answer by Lynn-LiMicrosoft contingent WARNING: Input format not specified - using CSV input format. his comment is here If you truly need the two string concatenated together, there is a STRCAT function that can do that for you.

Reply mlichtenberg says: February 23, 2013 at 1:51 pm Can you give an example of the query you are trying to execute? I can’t really do any better than the description on the official download page, so here it is: “Log parser is a powerful, versatile tool that provides universal query access to A resolution of 7 decimals would be nice but 3 would already be great Example 1 FSM Event Connecting to PIM using USB 2016/03/17, 22:49:35.3850352 FSM Error Starting Attempt Failed for

Requests by file type (extension).

what i do is just copy your log entry and then save it as a .log text file and query against it. Next, in my tests, Log Parser was not able to read directly from the %SystemRoot%\system32\winevt\Logs folder. However I think I found out why and how to fix it. Reply sdecorme says: August 19, 2015 at 7:30 am Great but too much example🙂 I would like to get all the registery key containing this string "HID\VID".

Also, I don't believe it supports datepart function, and I know of no equivalent. Think of your log as a database table. erik August 1, 2013 Thanks I will check the command on the site and see If it's a typo or some strange artifact when I published it from Live writer. weblink For example, logparser "select STRCAT(column1, column2) from file" I didn't see how that would help us out, though.

Examples: LIKE 'ab\_d': matches the "ab_d" string (e.g. "ab_d", "AB_d") LIKE 'a\%c%': matches all the strings that start with "a%c" (e.g. "a%cdefg", "A%c") When executing a Log Parser query from within by Powershell?..fucking limitation.. That rounding, which appears to be unchangeable, is causing the loss of what I am sure are significant digits in the DateTime values. Log in to reply.

CONTINUE READING Join & Write a Comment Already a member? HTTP status codes and sub-status Returns a listing of status and sub-status codes, with number of requests returning each. One weird thing I encountered - if I plug the sytax above into a batch file I get an error: ERROR: Syntax Error: : no valid LIKE mask. Reply NewVillage says: July 7, 2014 at 12:05 pm No problem.

The Fix go into the excerpt_functions.php file and find the CleanHTML function…then add this line to that function $content=str_replace("»", "‘", $content); Log in to reply.