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Lp Error Not All Borrowers Are Identified


For example, if a middle name is provided, it will be used and returned in the top portion of the Loan Prospector Full Feedback Certificate. Note: To indicate a technical affiliate in Loan Prospector, you must select the sponsoring CRC on the Request Services page. What is a Merged Credit Reference Number? If you have questions or issues about your merged credit charges, you'll need to contact the billing contact at your selected CRC directly. check over here

A delayed response may hold up your registration completion. If you order an AUS assessment with a Reference Number and have multiple borrowers, all borrowers must have a Reference Number (joint or single). If there is a problem with the Reference Number entered, Loan Prospector will return an error message, and you may enter the correct number and resubmit or contact the CRC directly The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

Freddie Mac Error Codes

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Loan Prospector's Merged Credit Report Options allow you to: Order merged credit reports from a participating credit reporting company (CRC) or technical affiliate through Loan Prospector before, or simultaneously when submitting You will also be able to access the new Merged Credit Certificate as a feedback option. I contacted my local representative at my credit company and they didn't know how to sign up for Loan Prospector, so who should they call?

Can I use Merged Credit with two closing construction-to-permanent mortgages or construction of mortgaged premises completed after application? If you are an existing CRC customer, in order to use Loan Prospector's Merged Credit Report Options, you must update your account with your TPO number to access merged credit reports How do I get setup and prepare to use the merged credit report options? Loan Prospector User Guide What does "Existing CRC customer" mean?

If I use a Reference Number for one borrower, do I need to use it for all borrowers on the submission? Loan Prospector Merged Credit Error What does "New CRC customer" mean? The full merged credit reports can be found in the Results section of the Loan Prospector Feedback Certificate. Please try the request again.

Do I have to sign up with their CRC? Loan Prospector Matrix Loan Prospector uses the standard 120-day credit freshness determination for the assessment expiration date, unless critical borrower data changes, other critical data changes, or change in entity are detected. What happens if I've already ordered merged credit and I select the Merged Credit box again on a re-submission? Loan Prospector has no influence on when the credit repositories update credit information for borrowers.

Loan Prospector Merged Credit Error

When you select this option, you will receive credit infiles in the feedback section. FHA and VA loans with new construction identifiers are still eligible for extended credit freshness to 180 days. Freddie Mac Error Codes Loan Prospector will be updated at a later date to remove this option for conventional mortgages. Lp Findings Credit Infiles: You will incur a $4 fee.

If I add a borrower to my loan AUS assessment, can I use the Reference Number from my earlier credit request? Skip to Page Content | Skip to Section Navigation Home Contact Us Login FreddieMac.com Site Search Advanced Search About LoanProspector Broker Resource Center Getting Started with Loan Prospector Getting the Most I have an existing relationship with a CRC, but my wholesale lender only does business through another company. You will receive your monthly merged credit fees ordered through Loan Prospector, including Reference Number fees and your current CRC fees, in one bill directly from the CRC. Loan Prospector Help

You will need to either unselect the Newly Built option, and/or select from the remaining options of Construction Conversion/Renovation. How do I use the Merged Credit Reference Number? How do I use the Merged Credit Reference Number? What is secondary use?

If all borrowers do not have a Reference Number, you'll first need to order merged credit to obtain the Reference Numbers. Loan Type Ineligible - Maf Not Available For Fha Or Va Who do I contact if I have questions or need more information regarding Merged Credit Report Options sign-up process? When do I need to order a new merged credit vs.

You'll only see the Merged Credit Certificate if you have requested merged credit only and your Merged Credit status = Complete.

You should instruct your borrowers to work directly with the credit repositories or you may be able to work with your credit reporting company (CRC) to ensure that the credit data The definitions are as follows: Re-used: Previously viewed credit is displayed. What does "Existing CRC customer" mean? Loan Prospector Definition Note: The Loan Prospector feedback certificate will provide a re-access or re-ordered indicator feedback message.

Update your CRC account with your Loan Prospector TPO number or Freddie Mac/Seller Number. If you already have an existing relationship with your wholesale lender's CRC, you still need to update your account with your TPO number to access merged credit reports and/or Reference Numbers This option gives you the ability to request that a transaction be assessed with new credit infiles or merged credit for your borrower. Re-accessed: A copy of the same consumer report is re-issued by the CRC (or technical affiliate, if applicable) to the same requesting entity.

The fees may vary depending on which CRC is used, the number of borrowers selected, and whether single or joint merged credit is indicated. What is a CRC technical affiliate? This will also include any secondary use fees, when and where applicable. Loan Prospector has direct connections with participating CRCs to provide merged credit reports from them or over 70 of their technical affiliates.