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This error never occurs on GNU/Hurd systems. This article shows all available error numbers along with it descriptions. CURLE_COULDNT_CONNECT (7) Failed to connect() to host or proxy. Macro: int EOPNOTSUPP The operation you requested is not supported. this contact form

Macro: int EHOSTDOWN The remote host for a requested network connection is down. CURLE_FILE_COULDNT_READ_FILE (37) A file given with FILE:// couldn't be opened. Macro: int ESOCKTNOSUPPORT The socket type is not supported. Link Felix Frank October 21, 2010, 8:16 am Hi, good thinking, but this article desperately lacks a reference to perror.

Posix Error Codes

Macro: int EMSGSIZE The size of a message sent on a socket was larger than the supported maximum size. CURLE_FTP_COULDNT_USE_REST (31) The FTP REST command returned error. The following C code snippet tries to open a file through open system call. The given remote host was not resolved.

CURLE_CONV_REQD (76) Caller must register conversion callbacks. You get this error when you try to transmit data over a socket, without first specifying a destination for the data. This indicates that the function called is not implemented at all, either in the C library itself or in the operating system. Enxio It means you should call curl_multi_perform again without doing select() or similar in between.

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Macro: int EPROCUNAVAIL ??? Errno.h Windows Macro: int ENOTSOCK A file that isn’t a socket was specified when a socket is required. CURLMcode This is the generic return code used by functions in the libcurl multi interface. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group.

Linux Errno Example

Proceed as usual. http://kernelhistory.sourcentral.org/linux-0.99.1/S/35.html Macro: int ENAMETOOLONG Filename too long (longer than PATH_MAX; see Limits for Files) or host name too long (in gethostname or sethostname; see Host Identification). Posix Error Codes Unix & Linux Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled current community chat Unix & Linux Unix & Linux Meta your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. Linux Errno To String Embed Embed this gist in your website.

See Connecting. weblink Does it mean that there is no system-independent meaning of the make error codes? CURLE_FTP_COULDNT_RETR_FILE (19) This was either a weird reply to a 'RETR' command or a zero byte transfer complete. You could explain more each error so that beginners really get the problem behind it (even if it is generic). Errno.h Linux Kernel

The kernel may have cached some data and not written it to the media yet. From the command line, a quick way to see an error string is one of perl -MPOSIX -le 'print strerror 123' python -c 'import os; print os.strerror(123)' zmodload zsh/system; syserror 123 You can choose to have functions resume after a signal that is handled, rather than failing with EINTR; see Interrupted Primitives. http://globalinfoindex.com/linux-errno/linux-error-2.php You have to include errno.h header file to use external variable errno.

This condition is detected by the exec functions; see Executing a File. Einval Errno Macro: int ENOLCK No locks available. Unix & Linux Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled root/include/linux/errno.h /* [<][>][^][v][top][bottom][index][help] */ INCLUDED FROM 1 #ifndef _LINUX_ERRNO_H 2 #define _LINUX_ERRNO_H 3 4 #define EPERM 1 /* Operation not permitted

Macro: int EBACKGROUND On GNU/Hurd systems, servers supporting the term protocol return this error for certain operations when the caller is not in the foreground process group of the terminal.

Be careful when using CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST, a custom LIST command will be sent with PRET CMD before PASV as well. (Added in 7.20.0) CURLE_RTSP_CSEQ_ERROR (85) Mismatch of RTSP CSeq numbers. Below is a list of the symbolic error names that are defined on Linux. To understand the nature of the error these codes need to be interpreted. Enoexec Can a un-used NONCLUSTERED INDEX still enhance query speed?

It could mean that it isn't an easy handle at all, or possibly that the handle already is in used by this or another multi handle. For example, trying to mount an ordinary file as a file system in Unix gives this error. Macro: int EMLINK Too many links; the link count of a single file would become too large. his comment is here Customizing the Personalization Rules Exception vs empty result set when the inputs are technically valid, but unsatisfiable Why were people led to believe that the Apollo mission was fake in Interstellar?

Its value is significant only when the return value of the call indicated an error (i.e., -1 from most system calls; -1 or NULL from most library functions); a function that Typically, this error occurs when you are trying to delete a directory. Some functions that must always block (such as connect; see Connecting) never return EAGAIN. LDAP bind operation failed.

CURLE_FTP_WEIRD_227_FORMAT (14) FTP servers return a 227-line as a response to a PASV command. As I experiment with various revisions of my target specification, I often get a variety of error messages when attempting to call make. CURLM_OUT_OF_MEMORY (3) You are doomed. The given proxy host could not be resolved.

What's the verb for "to drink small amounts of drink"? Macro: int ENOTBLK A file that isn’t a block special file was given in a situation that requires one. Hot Network Questions Does using documentation as a developer make me look unprofessional? For FTP, the server typically denied the STOR command.

Macro: int EPFNOSUPPORT The socket communications protocol family you requested is not supported. Macro: int ENFILE There are too many distinct file openings in the entire system. The support might be a compile-time option that you didn't use, it can be a misspelled protocol string or just a protocol libcurl has no code for. This error can happen in a few different situations: An operation that would block was attempted on an object that has non-blocking mode selected.

CURLE_SSL_SHUTDOWN_FAILED (80) Failed to shut down the SSL connection. All OSes require that. –Keith Feb 28 '11 at 7:32 I am not sure about the general question. CURLE_LDAP_INVALID_URL (62) Invalid LDAP URL. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group.