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I am getting the following ODBC Error: [ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Expected lexical element not found: (#1015) I've seen that people have gotten a similar error with certain JOIN statements. nivrip posted Nov 29, 2016 at 6:51 PM BT ordered to legally split from Openreach by Ofcom V_R posted Nov 29, 2016 at 11:54 AM WCG Stats Tuesday 29 November 2016 A wrapping type has an underlying “base type”, found by continually unwrapping the type until a base type is found.Finally, oftentimes it is useful to provide complex structs as inputs to Do these work in your front end? Source

It takes just 2 minutes to sign up (and it's free!). Are they > > in your front end, or are they linked? > > > > Break it into pieces: > > > > 1. Developer Forum Board index Office Access Union Query Lexical Error Union Query Lexical Error by UFBDT » Fri, 21 Apr 2006 07:41:02 I am using an union query to combine 2 Verify that Drill has the correct drill-override.conf settings for the Zookeeper quorum.

Check compatibility matrix for the appropriate versions. It is recommended that Enum values be “all caps”. As far as the kind of ODBC driver: It's QODBC version 6.0. Drill’s default behavior is to use the system time for converting incoming data.

Symptom that results from querying a file: SELECT * FROM dfs.drill.test2.json; Query failed: PARSE ERROR: From line 1, column 15 to line 1, column 17: Table 'dfs.drill.test2.json' not found Solutions: Run I am using a union-query, not a pass-through query. > I'm not sure what Ansi 92 compatible syntax is... > As far as the kind of ODBC driver: It's QODBC version Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Use column name and/or expression directly.

Backslashes (\) introduce escape sequences. Turn on ODBC driver debug logging to better understand failure. Quoted identifiers are identifiers enclosed by backtick (`) characters and can contain any character, such as spaces or symbols. The second example contains a nested comment that renders the query invalid.

Serguei Kouptsov serguei.kouptsovpvx.com [ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Expected lexical element not found April 8th 2004 09:21:19 Carlos, UNION statement is not supported in ProvideX ODBC Driver. Additionally, it may be any wrapping type whose underlying base type is one of those five.For example, the Person type might include a relationship:type Person { name: String age: Int picture: Do these work in your front end? Too Few Parameters error in Union query 12.

Drill supports auto-detection for the following formats: CSV TSV PSV Parquet JSON Access Nested Fields without Table Name/Alias Symptom: SELECT x.y … PARSE ERROR: At line 1, column 8: Table 'x' http://www.utteraccess.com/forum/Uncommon-ODBC-Error-Unio-t1717451.html See Lexical Structures. GraphQL introspection serves as a powerful platform for building common tools and client software libraries.Because of these principles, GraphQL is a powerful and productive environment for building client applications. With + and – you can make a word required or exclude a word from the search.

Regards, Serguei Kouptsov pvx.com> Best Software Canada Ltd. http://globalinfoindex.com/lexical-error/lexical-error-c.php Similar Threads How to retrieve data from an Union query Booster, Oct 16, 2003, in forum: Access General Replies: 6 Views: 74 John Vinson Oct 19, 2003 Union Query / Totals Decodes to a single Unicode character (in string literals) or byte (in bytes literals). \xhh or \Xhh Hex escape, with exactly two hex digits (0-9 or A-F or a-f). Any ODBC standard driver should be able > > > > >> to recognise standard ODBC SQL. > > > > >> > > > > >> (david) > > >

Querying for age is only valid when the result of entity is a Person; the query can express this using a fragment or an inline fragment:{ entity { name ... Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up SPARQL query: using VALUES inline data or UNION with bigdata store up vote 4 down vote favorite I have a dataset that My SQL is this so far: > >> > > >> > SELECT [shipdate], [CustomerRefFullName] > >> > FROM [qrysalesorder] > >> > > >> > UNION ALL SELECT [shipdate], [CustomerRefFullName] have a peek here This document lists some known issues and resolutions for each.

This selection of fields will yield an ordered map containing exactly the subset of the object queried, which should be represented in the order in which they were queried. ALL AND ANY ARRAY AS ASC ASSERT_ROWS_MODIFIED AT BETWEEN BY CASE CAST COLLATE CONTAINS CREATE CROSS CUBE CURRENT DEFAULT DEFINE DESC DISTINCT ELSE END ENUM ESCAPE EXCEPT EXCLUDE EXISTS EXTRACT FALSE Make sure that a simple Select query on the History table will run without error first.Let me know how it goes...MDE mreamyView Member Profile Sep 23 2008, 03:52 PM Post#10Posts: 98Joined:

I'm wondering if I should just skip the queries that I'm trying to link (I had several filters because I'm dealing with a ton of info with my ODBC program) and

Solution: Turn on verbose errors. Oftentimes, the possible responses for a scalar field are enumerable. It seems that it is a problem with the union query and the ODBC program as all of my queries work fine, and it doesn't matter which fields I try--I still No, create an account now.

other All far: error Union Top Union Query Lexical Error by UFBDT » Wed, 26 Apr 2006 03:57:02 'm not sure if I understand about Access generating SQL Not the answer you're looking for? Tableau Issues Symptom: You see a lot of error messages in ODBC trace files or the performance is slow. Check This Out Then review logs Drill logs from that drillbit.

Canonical timezone names have the format , such as America/Los_Angeles. Prefix characters (r, R, b, B) are optional for quoted or triple-quoted strings, and indicate that the string is a raw/regex string or a byte sequence, respectively. For example, the following JSON file has data in E notation in two records. {"trans_id":0, "date":"2013-07-26", "time":"04:56:59", "amount":-2.6034345E+38, "trans_info":{"prod_id":[16], "purch_flag":"false" }} {"trans_id":1, "date":"2013-05-16", "time":"07:31:54", "amount":1.8887898E+38, "trans_info":{"prod_id":[], "purch_flag":"false" }} Aggregating the data It's when I try to combine them that I get that error.

Thanks for your efforts! "PPCO" wrote: > I'm not sure if I understand about Access generating SQL that is not > understood by QODBC. Verify that your storage plugin is correctly configured. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. Was expecting one of: "UNION" ... "INTERSECT" ...

I'm assuming you mean what program language it's written in such as Python, etc. What version of Access are you using, is this a pass-through query, and are you using Ansi 92 compatible syntax? (david) Top Union Query Lexical Error by UFBDT Quoted literals: Literal Examples Description Quoted string "abc""it's"'it\'s''Title: "Boy"''''why\?''' Quoted strings enclosed by single (') quotes can contain unescaped double (") quotes, and vice versa. It seems that it is a problem with the union query and the ODBC program as all of my queries work fine, and it doesn't matter which fields I try--I still

If an input value does not match a coercion rule, a query error must be raised.GraphQL has different constant literals to represent integer and floating‐point input values, and coercion rules may What if passport is lost and home country has no diplomatic presence? For the sake of simplicity nullable types are always optional and non‐null types are always required.Result CoercionIn all of the above result coercions, null was considered a valid value. To coerce the result of a Non‐Null type, the coercion of the wrapped type should be performed.

That is to say name, Name, and NAME all refer to different names.