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I mean, the only form of "modding" I had ever done in my life was add a spoiler to my first car back in 1996; put a window into the side Velociraptors Created by Splinks Ripp = Nick Raps = Ellis Claw = Coach Tiny = Rochelle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would like to thank the following people that have made me feel proud Made it for myself, but then decided to upload to the workshop for you, my dear past-o-holics! This mod replaces all Common Infected with Battle Droids from Star Wars. Source

Hey-ho, one of my first gun add-ons! (And my first attempt at a proper render!) I'd feel better about this if I really did much else aside from por... Can be used with any texture pack or add-ons including Cinematic Lighting Effects. Created by ListigerLurch You have to go with this mod... Grabbin' TITS!

Left 4 Dead 2 Weapon Mods

Enter Sandman - Metallica Ending Credits Music Created by 모뇨모뇨 모뇨모뇨's Enter Sandman - Metallica Ending Credits Music 아프리카Tv 방송국 주소 : http://afreeca.com/monyox2 YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/nalehime 원곡 : Enter Sandman - Loading... More > Author THUG_DragoN Game Left 4 Dead 2 Rating ★ Watchlist - Download "I'm a Soldier" Ending Credits M... "I'm a Soldier" by Eminem playing on the final credits screenboard. Payday 2 coming in August.

Multiple shades of brown, green, hazel, auburn, blue and grey are included. Halloween Witch Created by Wolfus Witch music from Halloween movie (Michael Myers theme)Music:1. He later developed into a shady con man and gambler drifting from city to city who bemoans his bad luck in happening to be passing through Savannah (and not Las Vegas) Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Steam Nuka Cola from Fallout! (Cola Replacement) Created by Queenie Whitaker barricaded himself in waiting for nuclear Armageddon...

the ONLY Tits! Left 4 Dead 2 Best Mods In addition to the standard 8 male variations you also get 8 f... Made for fun. (* note: version 3 on steam... https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse?appid=550 Uploaded on Aug 2, 2010Realizing the futility of the situation, the Counter-Strike Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams decide to put down their differences and unite to fight the zombie swarm.

More > Author ZB Game Left 4 Dead 2 Rating ★ Watchlist - Download Dark grey-First Aid Kit v.2 Update. -New texture, same colors. Left 4 Dead 2 Anime Mods More > Author Zetnus Game Left 4 Dead 2 Rating ★ Watchlist - Download 1MB Mudwomen Infected Infected 11.28.16 Feedback 0 Adds several female mudmen (aka mudwomen) infected to the game, http://www.l4d... Peter Griffin boomer skin and sounds Created by Machine Gun Smelly Also includes fps arms re-skin and HUD icon.

Left 4 Dead 2 Best Mods

COD:GHOSTS Vector CRB & Honey Badger(UZI & Mac10) Weapons 09.15.15 Feedback 4 Actually i have done this job before that FP6,but like i said before,sounds s... click site Now has posters!!!... Left 4 Dead 2 Weapon Mods Shimakaze voice pack for Rochelle Audio Survivors 11.11.16 Feedback 3 change the voice of Rochelle to Shimakaze "GCFScape"is necessary without f... Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Download That said, hopefully you'll find something you may not have seen before and who knows, maybe we'll even learn a little about each other along the way. ;)We'd love to hear

Jan Doedel 1,903,905 views 4:59 Counter-Strike: Source Maps in Left 4 Dead 2 + Mutations - Duration: 15:00. http://globalinfoindex.com/left-4/left-4-dead-2-models-infected-charger-mdl.php Gravity Hammer Created by Splinks Time to hit the head on the nail and knock some sense into into THE GAME.And what better way then with a big*** hammer! ^^... GeniusPieTrap 718,765 views 11:47 Crear mods .VPK para Left 4 Dead 2 No Steam *****VPK.exe***** - Duration: 14:23. Splatter textures cover a wider area while splats/blobs of blood are cover less which helps to diversify the way blood appears. Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Xbox 360

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. They were intended for short-term consumption only since the calorie content was inadequate to maintain a soldier's physical condition during hard and prolonged exertion. Halo 2 Energy Sword Created by Xenecrite Energy Sword Halo 2 remplacement Machete Models and textures: Adsug2210 Hack Compiling: Xenecrite Animation:Valve,Splinks... have a peek here HEY, LISTEN! ~ This mod requires a custom melee script to be held and attached to the survivors' hands and backs properly.

A prospective professional defensive linesman, a career-ending knee injury suffered at college led Coach to take up teaching as an alternative pathway into a possible pro-coaching football career. Left 4 Dead 2 Mod Menu Pc Deadpool Created by Splinks Hey, ya you. ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed.


There is only one way Aug 31 2012 TBD First Person Shooter When residing at your home, the infection struck the city with immense ferocity. This is likely an oversight, as the Left 4 Dead Survivors gain the weapon preference of the Left 4 Dead 2 character's slot they fill on the character selection screen. Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson / Ending Credits Music Created by 모뇨모뇨 모뇨모뇨's Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson / Ending Credits Music 아프리카Tv 방송국 주소 : http://afreeca.com/monyox2 YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/nalehime Sweet Left 4 Dead Skins More > Author Zetnus Game Left 4 Dead 2 Rating ★ Watchlist - Download 7 Overwatch GenJi Katana Overwatch GenJi Katana Weapons Miscellaneous 07.15.16 Feedback 15 Replaces Katana Enjoy!

We have an issue at hand. Louis' character is upbeat and positive at all times towards his fellow Survivors―almost to an exaggerated degree. Gives the P90 a tan finish and a war-torn look. Check This Out This effect is most evident when Zoey reloads the Magnum Pistol and when Bill reloads the P220 Pistol (this is because their ValveBiped.weapon_bone bone is actually meant for the original weapon

Also presenting an entirely ... Login Register VIP New GameMaps in development! More > Author MonkeyRebel117 Game Left 4 Dead 2 Rating ★ Watchlist - Download 16MB Richtofen 1.0 (BOIII) LOUIS Miscellaneous Survivors 11.17.16 Feedback 4 A custom version of Richtofen 1.0 (since MK48 Tomahawk (Machete) Created by |tUD| |ToC| Deusion (Mz.Hyde) This new Hack 'n Slash Tomahawk is the way to kill the zombies!

RockyLamisenRashed UAE5Bl4cKPiXeLAeRoStAtIcJosephMasterGirMooreResdizeixVoikanaaRasta StarfishZaku7akuWeezingGiampieroRasmussenOG MemerTashimieleCt_eXileDeceptionblackcat12951SquigHarry_147RaitogamingNightDarK_St3althLivenomousЖИДОМАСОНРЕПТИЛОЙДChiefEbolaChanV666|アンジェラLongJimmakos`Light TuesdayCfourTAliceChristmasTP/SombraMIWITheBoreZoneDnutt20X6TGEKablam Bombface『Ene Chan』 [目隠しダ]Seifer[AT] DelazNoiseePsiRev_deaddietJohnnyRamoneBRDarkCaPPyThe Soda ManMuteOachkatzlschwoaf™(Sky Paladin) bellmo15Romeo OscarSpartan464748Brawlin BertNoobFirstClassZkeierea's StorageDripRoo☠ God Emperor Doom ☠♕ Country SteaksAgent SlackerLafertOn The RailroadSimonsOpsBlak352YTThatchyDylan2FlaggZkeierea's Camo WorkshopKitten MayhemɪяɪѕCrutchRoboticMasterMindЛысый ЧайникBotan ;)JohnTwilight Sparklemcfrodo666 More > Author Cyreides Game Left 4 Dead 2 Rating ★ Watchlist - Download 6 Back to school Back to school 6 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign 01.19.13 Feedback 693 The storyline Apathetic: aloof, neutral, from a different social background, enigmatic, along for the ride, swept up in events, victim, suffers bravely, supporter, observer. CEDA Hazmat Alternative Suit Created by mrlanky This replaces the zombie ceda workers in hazmat suits(not the dead ones you see around-those are the same) with a more realistic type hazmat

AK47 - hellsing chrome Created by TOG | K1CHWA a chrome ak47custom normal map custom exponent map mod works best on very high shader settings (chrome/gloss fx does not work on Credits: arby26 - animations, original compile K1CHWA - material edits Doktor haus - hacking, compiling Twinke Masta - shell model Geno - shell textures Kimono - M3 model, textures, normals, shell Killing Floor Special Infected Created by Splinks Yes The crossover has happened and Now the whole gang is here, except for poor old Scrake. :(~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tank=PatriarchWitch=SirenHunter=CrawlerJockey=CrawlerSmoker=GorefastSpitter=HuskCharger=FleshpoundBoomer=Bloat~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Common... HK416 Created by Doktor haus Heckler & Koch's HK416 on arby26's M4 (3-round burst) animations.

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In the beta of Left 4 Dead, Zoey and Francis show some sort of affection towards each other. Does NOT include custom sounds. It's extended and amended by Head... Made for fun. (* note: version 3 on steam...

Doom Menu Sounds Created by Kizoky Doom's Menu Sounds for L4D2. She is closest to Bill, who reciprocates with a protective father-daughter stance, but also reaches out to include (and thereby help bond) the other two Survivors into a comradely team.