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Ldap Error Codes Oracle


At specified intervals, this daemon checks the value of the state column in the ODS.ODS_PROCESS table. Multiple values found when setting new limit. Server exiting. After resetting the replication password wallet, restart the replication server instance again a using opmnctl or oidctl. have a peek at this web-site

The tag (algorithm) specified to hash the password is defined but the server is unable to retrieve the associated information. Solution: None: server should recover itself and execute operation correctly. 34837: ACL syntax error: operation (message) Cause: ACL parsing error: the reason and the string containing the error is logged. Cause: The request to set the maximum number of file descriptors has failed. The request is invalid.

Ldap Error Code 91

Solution: Make more memory available to the server and restart the server.4872: Failed to create a new lock for virtual attributes map insert. There is no more free slot in factory array for object type (current in use number max is number). Solution Look for the message Exec of OIDLDAPD failed with error 13. A database error occurred.

This is likely to be a resource problem. Details of the error are provided in the error message. Default value of 32767 will be used instead Cause: Value for SASL attribute dsSaslMaxSSF is not in the valid range. The server was unable to obtain the internal slot?

Make sure all ciphers are supported by the server. 4752: Security Initialization: Failed to parse cipher family information entry DN because at least one of the attributes nsSSLToken or nsSSLPersonalitySSL are Ldap Error 81 The handle used to identify a resource is unknown. If the database's undo tablespace does not have sufficient space, it will result in an ORA-30036 error. http://docs.oracle.com/javase/jndi/tutorial/ldap/models/exceptions.html Solution: Contact Sun Technical Support.5034: Incompatible options nsExportReplica=true and dsDecryptAttrs=false: cannot dump replica with encrypted attributes.

Ensure that the trust attributes of CA certificates installed with certutil include the T trust attribute. 4782 Error Failed to create context for cipher operation. Check that the consumer is up and running. 8229 Error Failed to start a total update session. Definition #define LDAP_NO_OBJECT_CLASS_MODS 0x45 /* 69 */ LDAP_NO_RESULTS_RETURNED This result code indicates that no results were returned from the server. Solution: Check the client application making the request.

Ldap Error 81

PROTOCOL_ERROR public static final int PROTOCOL_ERROR (2) A LDAP server could not correctly interpret the request sent by your client because the request does not strictly comply with the LDAP protocol. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19683-01/817-4843/auto46/index.html This is an error in the client code. Ldap Error Code 91 The cryptography mechanism is invalid or unsupported. Ldap Error Code 53 Problem Various causes Solution See the following Oracle MetaLink notes on Oracle MetaLink, http://metalink.oracle.com: Note 171693.1, "Resolving Conflicts" Note 122039.1, "Troubleshooting Basics for Advanced Replication" Note 213910.1, "Debugging OID Replication

staticint CONFIDENTIALITY_REQUIRED (13) [LDAP v3] A secure connection is required for this operation. Check This Out Cause: Security Initialization: Failed to parse cipher family information entry. Definition #define LDAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS 0x31 /* 49 */ LDAP_INVALID_DN_SYNTAX This result code indicates than an invalid DN has been specified. Check that the configuration file exists and that it has the appropriate access permissions. Ldap Error Code 49

Check the OID of the extended operation in your LDAP client to make sure that it matches the OID of the extended operation registered in the server plug-in. Restart the server. 4128 Error Could not load configuration file filename. Used by the LDAP provider; usually doesn't generate an exception. 36 Alias dereferencing problem NamingException 48 Inappropriate authentication AuthenticationNotSupportedException 49 Invalid credentials AuthenticationException 50 Insufficient access rights NoPermissionException 51 Busy ServiceUnavailableException http://globalinfoindex.com/ldap-error/ldap-error-codes-91.php Solution The odi agent orclODIPAgentName=IPlanetImport,cn=subscriber profile,cn= changelog subscriber,cn=oracle internet directory does not have full read/write access to the synchronized entries in Oracle Internet Directory.

NAMING_VIOLATION public static final int NAMING_VIOLATION (64) A naming violation has occurred. SizeLimitExceededException 5 Compared false. The dynamic library may not be present, may be inaccessible, or may be using another library that is not present. 5645 Error Node node wants to define a distribution plugin but

The server is unable to allocated a new task for the index.

ALIAS_PROBLEM public static final int ALIAS_PROBLEM (33) An problem occurred with an alias. Solution Make sure the Oracle Internet Directory schema of the consumer are synchronized with those of the supplier before starting replication bootstrap. The server was unable to read the configuration from the specified configuration DN. Problem LDAP: error code 50 - Insufficient Access Rights; ACTIVECHGIMP MAPPING IMPORT OPERATION FAILURE; Agent execution successful, Mapping/import operation failure Solution By default the cn=Users,<default realm> contains the proper ACIs.

When trying to convert the absolute path, the server was unable to determin the current directory. Cause: The syntax of the password file is incorrect. Check the nsslapd-distribution-plugin and nsslapd-distribution-func attributes in the configuration file (dse.ldif). 5648 Error Could not create mapping tree node for entry entry. have a peek here Contact Sun ONE Technical Support. 5123 Error error: Resource limit initialization failed.

Solution: Check that the value of the attribute nsslapd-errorlog-level under cn=config is set, and is correct.5253: Bad value for nsslapd-maxdescriptors. Check that the mapping tree node state has a legal value, and that nsslapd-referral is appropriately set if necessary.

5641: Could not find parent node for entry entry. Cause: Security Initialization: Failed to get cipher family information. The string of server error information that you set is accessible through the getLDAPErrorMessage method. Use this form of the constructor for higher-level LDAP operational errors.

Cause: The server was unable to map the key generation mechanism to the cryptography mechanism. Enable replication logging and check the specific replication error code for more information. 8268 Error Failed to close changelog file filename. Solution: Contact Sun Technical Support.4751: Security Initialization: Unable to authenticate (error error) Cause: Security initialization error. LDAP error.

Solution: Check the error log for more information.5394: Error occurs while removing attribute values. Solution: Contact Sun Technical Support.4750: Security Initialization: Unable to get internal slot (error error) Cause: Security initialization error. remtool -pchgpwd changes the password of the replication dn of a replica. You can specify the maximum time limit by calling the LDAPConstraints.setTimeLimit method.

A database error occurred. Check the corresponding database error code, and take action according to the database problem. 8266 Error Failed to open changelog file for replica replica. An internal database error occurred.