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Your cache administrator is webmaster. Links to websites outside of this domain such as those to online stores (for example, the page listing 3.5" floppies) may vanish without notice or reason. What are the characteristics of MacWorks XL? 4.6.4. As you do so, spread the lithium grease in exposed the areas of the joints. this contact form

Other combinations are possible since upgrades from Lisa1 to Lisa2's were offered as well as upgrades from Lisa2's to Mac XL's. Try to power the Lisa on with just the I/O board plugged in. Please try the request again. Lisa Software 4.1.

Lisa 500 Autoclave Manual

Remedy/Solution: Clean, check or replace the door seal (see 11.2 of your Instructions for Use Manual or the instrumental video "Changing the door seal") and the face side of the chamber; Disconnect the power before working on the Lisa to prevent damage to it, or yourself*

Front Cover Below the front cover are two thumb-sized detents. Password Forgotten your password? Please try the request again.

Some, over time made their way back in, others showed up in various other operating systems, but none have the same look and feel as the Lisa, nor the same tight If there is an internal hard disk, be careful to avoid jarring or bumping the drive cage. maybe it's software related? W&h Implant Motor Error Codes Join Today!) © 2016 LISA Laser USA About LISA Laser USAContact UsPrivacy StatementTerms of use Password Reset Please enter your e-mail address.

If it doesn't work, swap it with another memory board. Twiggy (FileWare) Media Sources: SunRem Do It yourself guide, James MacPhail - suggestion for using white lithium grease. (Comment on this answer) Last modified Jul 6 13:47 ET [LisaFAQ] > [Hardware] 3.7.1. this content bluuuurgh.

Examine both sides of the card-edge connectors of each. W&h Lisa What is wrong? 3.11.3. You should take the floppy outside, or at least in a well ventilated place (away from open flames of course) where you can safely spray the WD40 without getting it on The likely cause is that there is some old dried up grease in the joints which prevent the ejection mechanism from functioning properly.

Lisa Sterilizer Mb17 Service Guide

ProFile drives have up to 32 spare sectors. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21650-help-with-restoring-lisa-error-75/ The alternative was a horrible incessant swapping of floppies every few seconds. Lisa 500 Autoclave Manual When MacWorks XL was introduced, it became possible to use a Lisa or Mac XL without a hard disk, so some units were sold without the ProFile. Lisa Mb17 Service Manual A third-party upgrade provided a double sided (800K) floppy drive (Sony or Chinon) instead.

The additional parallel ports appear in the "Startup From" menu, so attached hard disks can be bootable (although some operating environments do not boot properly from an expansion card port). weblink Compared to "modern" software packages, where it's up to the programmer to provide some option to save state, but requires the user to explicitly do so the next time that application Special Field / Faculty Hygienist (also OEM) Dental Technician Dentist / Dental surgeon Implantologist Student Other Afghanistan Albania Algier American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua & Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Widget Internal Hard Drives Lisa Autoclave Price

When Apple stopped selling the Lisa, much of the excess inventory was sold by Sun Remarketing in various configurations. What are the characteristics of MacWorks Plus II? 4.7. i.e. navigate here This leaves the hard drive upside down on the table. 7.

The vacuum pump should start running immediately and the pressure on the display should move in a negative direction. If you don't have a floppy cleaning kit, unscrew the small round black screw on the back of the floppy drive. In every instance, except for the knowledge in the backs of our minds, credit to the source was given.

There are some that are technical, and some about Apple, Inc., which contain mentions, or historical information about the Lisa.

http://retromaccast.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=196147 James and John interview Ray Arachelian at the Retro Mac Cast (m4a) Unique, Fun Pages http://www.lisa2.com/ A Lisa being used as a webserver http://myoldmac.net/SELL/CompuBots.htm CompuBots - original Lisa artwork http://www.kreativekorp.com/kko/pixel/fonts.html If yours is missing the felt pad, you'll need to fashion a replacement. (One person has made one out cotton swab tips, though this is not ideal.) Using another clean cotton You're better off buying a replacement hard drive. What are the characteristics of the 4 port serial card? 3.5.4.

X/ProFile and IDEfile - modern replacements for ProFile drives using IDE drives or flash memory Priam card for use with Priam DataTower (86MB hard drive and 60 MB tape drive) SCSI This screw is captive, so do not remove it. About this FAQ This FAQ attempts to gather knowledge about the Apple Lisa computer in a central place, whether technical or historical.

The goal is to provide information that helps his comment is here Disconnect the multi-wire flyback transformer cable from the video board.

Remove the rear cover. Lift the drive cage straight up. Sadly, Lisa was replaced by a machine that was its mere shadow. This website uses cookies.

When you're done, discard the cotton swabs, the junk floppy, and paper towels. Insert the junk floppy and eject it repeatedly as you use paper towels and a few cotton swabs to wipe away the WD40 and old grease out of the joints. Run them through the 'Pots and Pans' cycle in your dishwasher with a double shot of detergent.

This will clean all the dirt and fingerprints off and remove a lot Once the latches are disengaged, tilt out the top of the rear panel and lift.

Linzmayer much of the same information. Floppy, Twiggy, and Tape media used with the Lisa 3.10.1. Note how it fits in before you remove the cover. Some of the repairs and procedures listed here are inherently dangerous as they involve work with high voltage components.

They don't seem to be square to me, but maybe the Lisa only got "close to square"? Where can I find 3.5" DS/DD Media for my Lisa? 3.10.2. I tried a 400k floppy for a mac 128k that I know is good, but it never showed up on the desktop at all.