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LDAP I have configured like below, (In AD we have created ou name as - Jenkins) server - ldap://master.sisldomain.com root DN - dc=sisldomain,dc=com User search base {*}User search filter - uid= In LDAPv3, indicates that the server does not hold the target entry of the request, but that the servers in the referral field may. 11 LDAP_ADMINLIMIT_EXCEEDED Indicates that an LDAP server Directory servers may publish the directory schema controlling an entry at a base DN given by the entry's subschemaSubentry operational attribute. (An operational attribute describes operation of the directory rather than The response SHOULD contain an entity describing why that version is not supported and what other protocols are supported by that server. have a peek at this web-site

If the client requests a version that the server does not support, the server must set the result code in the BIND response to the code for a protocol error. Servers may implement extensions[20] that support this, though. Depending upon the format and the capabilities of the user agent, selection of the most appropriate choice MAY be performed automatically. After data has been returned from the MID Server, the ECC Queue should show another input message called LDAPProbeCompleted. http://wiki.servicenow.com/index.php?title=LDAP_Error_Codes

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Wikipedia Transparent content negotiation for the request results in a circular reference. 507 Insufficient Storage (WebDAV) The 507 (Insufficient Storage) status code means the method could not be performed on the However, some Web applications and frameworks use the 302 status code as if it were the 303. 303 See Other The response to the request can be found under a different LDAP is specified in a series of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Standard Track publications called Request for Comments (RFCs), using the description language ASN.1.

Complete pom.xml. There are no required headers for this class of status code. In contrast to 302, the request method should not be changed when reissuing the original request. Microsoft Ldap Error Codes Close Versions Loading...

Failed. Ldap Error Code 49 80090308 The server is unable to respond with a more specific error and is also unable to properly respond to a request. Wikipedia The request is larger than the server is willing or able to process. 414 Request-URI Too Long The server is refusing to service the request because the Request-URI is longer Visit Website For instance, a POST request must be repeated using another POST request. 308 Permanent Redirect (experiemental) Wikipedia The request, and all future requests should be repeated using another URI. 307 and

The 410 response is primarily intended to assist the task of web maintenance by notifying the recipient that the resource is intentionally unavailable and that the server owners desire that remote Ldap Error Code 49 - Invalid Credentials For a list of the most-common error codes, see LDAP Error Codes. 3.1 Common AcceptSecurityContext Error Data Codes An LDAP integration with Active Directory (AD) returns AcceptSecurityContext errors when a user Each entry has a unique identifier: its Distinguished Name (DN). Upon receiving a 410 status code, the client should not request the resource again in the future.

Ldap Error Code 49 80090308

This is the AD equivalent of LDAP error code 49. 49 / 525 USER NOT FOUND Indicates an Active Directory (AD) AcceptSecurityContext data error that is returned when the username is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightweight_Directory_Access_Protocol the user one is usually fine as is... Openldap Error Codes If the server has a preferred choice of representation, it SHOULD include the specific URI for that representation in the Location field; user agents MAY use the Location field value for Active Directory Error Codes Normally clients should use LDAPv3, which is the default in the protocol but not always in LDAP libraries.

Either the server does not support the control or the control is not appropriate for the operation type. 0x0D 13 LDAP_CONFIDENTIALITY_REQUIREDIndicates that the session is not protected by a protocol, such Check This Out Would anyone point me to the places of how to fix this the manager password issue? If the error persists, you may need to change the Group membership filter from the default of (| (member={0}) (uniqueMember={0}) (memberUid={1})) to a query only of the field used in your Verify that the log message shows the string No user information found in ldap for . Ldap Error Code 49 Acceptsecuritycontext Error Data 52e V1db1

Wikipedia The client must first authenticate itself with the proxy. 408 Request Timeout The client did not produce a request within the time that the server was prepared to wait. By requiring requests to be conditional, the server can assure that clients are working with the correct copies. With some exceptions, the client does not need to wait for a response before sending the next request, and the server may send the responses in any order. Source The domain component model uses the model described above.

For example, including local annotation information about the resource might result in a superset of the metainformation known by the origin server. Ldap: Error Code 49 - 80090308: Ldaperr: Dsid-0c0903a8 If you do specify this value, the field normally looks something like dc=acme,dc=org User search base One of the searches Jenkins does on LDAP is to locate the user record given However, known implementations do exist.

Most use cases do not require clients and search engines to purge the resource, and a "404 Not Found" may be used instead. 411 Length Required The server refuses to accept

To conform to the new LDAP drafts, NDS 8.5 uses 80 (0x50) for such errors. 0x022LDAP_PROTOCOL_ERRORIESGRFC 4511DSAThis is used to indicate that the client (DUA) sent data to the server that The request MAY be resubmitted after reducing the size of the request header fields. Restart Jenkins will resolve the problem. Ldap Error Code 91 Comments (17) Hide Comments Show Comments Collapse All Collapsing… Expanding… Expand All Add Comment Aug 20, 2013 David Turner says: This plugin is great.

Wikipedia Indicates that the request could not be processed because of conflict in the request, such as an edit conflict. with a HTML form). Once you've run those commands, you will need to restart ZCS: zmcontrol stop zmcontrol start Once this is completed, Zimbra will run with LDAP on port 390 rather than port 389 http://globalinfoindex.com/error-code/ldap-error-codes-52e.php ldapCOMMAND -x -H $ldap_master_url -D $zimbra_ldap_userdn -w $zimbra_ldap_password ACTION Anonymous Binds For new installations of ZCS 6.0, anonymous searches of the directory are disabled. (Bug 15378) When you upgrade to 6.0,

You can find the default template at $JENKINS_HOME/plugins/ldap/WEB-INF/classes/hudson/security/LDAPBindSecurityRealm.groovy. Its purpose is to allow a server to accept a request for some other process (perhaps a batch-oriented process that is only run once per day) without requiring that the user Some servers support an operational attribute hasSubordinates whose value indicates whether an entry has any subordinate entries, and some servers support an operational attribute numSubordinates[16] indicating the number of entries subordinate If the 302 status code is received in response to a request other than GET or HEAD, the user agent MUST NOT automatically redirect the request unless it can be confirmed

If the total number of records returned is 258 and the batch size is 200 (the default), two LDAPProbe (200, 258) incoming messages will be received, and one LDAPProbeCompleted (258) incoming Wiki home Community Training Support home Company home Demo Loading LDAP Error Codes From ServiceNow Wiki Home > Administer > Core Configuration > Reference Pages > LDAP Error Codes Jump to: Terms of Use Wiki home Community Training Support home Company home Demo Loading LDAP Integration Troubleshooting From ServiceNow Wiki Home > Integrate > Single Sign-On > LDAP > LDAP Integration Troubleshooting LDAP Client Update Protocol 0x72114lcupSecurityViolationIESGRFC 3928DSAthe client is suspected of malicious actions.

Wikipedia Indicates the resource has not been modified since last requested. The default default filter is: (| (member={0}) (uniqueMember={0}) (memberUid={1})). zmcontrol start And the rest of the zimbra services came up cleanly. Wikipedia Indicates multiple options for the resource that the client may follow.

Manning Publications. Evaluate Confluence today. If known, the length of the delay MAY be indicated in a Retry-After header.